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Recognize the Causes of Chest Conditions Feeling Hot and Burning during Pregnancy

Pregnant woman, have you ever had a burning and burning chest? If so, maybe pregnant women are experiencing heartburn. Even though it feels uncomfortable, it can even make you worry sometimes, this condition is actually common in pregnancy. Hotburn and heartburn (heartburn) that pregnant women naturally are the main symptoms of acid reflux. Rising stomach acid is also often accompanied by other complaints, such as bloating, often burping, and nausea and vomiting. Causes of Chest Feeling and Burning during Pregnancy Rising stomach acid which causes heartburn often occurs in pregnant women due to various changes during pregnancy, including: Hormonal changes During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone will increase. One function is to relax the uterine muscles to make room for the fetus to grow. Well, indirectly, an increase in this hormone also helps relax the valve cover muscles that connect the esophagus to the stomach. This condition causes the acid content that should remain
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Didn't Know Pregnant but Sudden Childbirth, Could It Be

Really, there are women who don't realize that they're pregnant? Even though during pregnancy, menstruation will stop and the stomach will enlarge. Make no mistake, even though it sounds impossible, this phenomenon really exists and is not a rare thing, you know! Pregnancy that is unknown to pregnant women is called cryptic pregnancy. Although not common, this condition is also not a rare thing. It is estimated that 1 in 400 women do not know that they are pregnant until they are 5 months or more. Not only that, 1 in 2500 women did not even know she was pregnant to give birth. Cryptic Pregnancy VS Denial Pregnancy Hearing the story above, you might think that pregnant women are not ignorant, but deny or pretend not to know (denial pregnancy). Because, with all the symptoms of pregnancy, he should realize that he was pregnant, right? However, it turns out that only about 10-15% of cryptic pregnancy cases are affected by personality disorders or mental disorders. Some wome

The Horror Of Tooth Extraction Is Worth The Benefits

Although permanent teeth should be preserved for life, there are several reasons why tooth extraction needs to be done. The reason could be because the teeth have an infection, damage, to too many teeth in the mouth. A tooth needs to be pulled out when it's very damaged. If not removed, this damaged tooth can interfere with other teeth and the health of your oral cavity. Continual pain can be a major sign that your teeth need to be removed. This pain can be caused by several things, such as a cavity infection, gum infection, to tooth fracture. Some Causes of Tooth Extraction Need To Be Done Other reasons that may be behind your tooth extraction are: Mouth that is too full Rear molars generally only grow in their 20s, when there are already around 28 adult teeth in the mouth. In this situation, it is very possible that there is no room for molars to grow properly or appear only partially. The possibility that can occur is forced contact of molars with other teeth, thus enco